Global Power and the Game of Monopoly

Yiri and I are working hard on our next book and have just decided to call it Global Power: a Discovery in Comics, rather than World Domination: a Discovery in Comics. There’s a subtle difference there.

I’m so excited about it and really in a nice work flow right now. But the thing is, it won’t be out for at least a year – it’s scheduled for Fall 2015 in The Netherlands, and Who Knows When, if at all, in the States. So marketing-wise there’s no point in talking about it yet.

But I’m so excited about it!

Last week, I had the idea of putting in a scene between Yiri and me playing a game of Monopoly – but I wasn’t at all sure how well known the game really is. So I posted the question on my Facebook page and was swamped with reactions like “Really?! You don’t know how popular Monopoly is???”.

So no trouble there.

Here are two pages of the end result. There is a third page as well, but I’ll leave that for later. Ha, how’s that for a cliffhanger, marketing-wise…?

Follow Science

Curious about the upcoming comic book Science: a Discovery in Comics? I made a Facebook page where you can follow its publication, reviews etc. Just click on the picture and then “like” the page.


If you’re on GoodReads, you will find a page for the book there as well. When the publication date approaches, I will certainly start a GiveAway there, where you can win signed copies of the book (there’s actually one going on now for the Dutch version, ending 19 June). Stars and reviews are highly appreciated!

Going Viral

A week ago a sleepy Dutch suburban town was shocked when thousands of “partygoers” invaded the streets, raiding shops and damaging private property. What had happened? A teenage girl had announced her Sweet Sixteenth on Facebook and forgot to make it an “invitation only” event. A friend of a friend decided it would be a good joke to invite all HIS (500) friends, urging them to invite more. Soon it became a ‘Project X’, after the movie in which a party totally spirals out of control.

Food for ethical philosophers.

Who is to blame in such a case? The girl? Facebook? I myself had a signing the day before, for which I made an “open” invitation on Facebook, and only seven people showed up…

It’s also food for behaviorial sociologists of course: what makes people abandon morality when the are in big groups? Is it peer pressure? Anonymity? The interesting thing about the internet is, though, that we’re all individuals sitting behind a screen, mostly in our own autonomous environment. So what made thousands of people, more or less rationally deliberating with themselves in front of their computer at home, think that it would be a good idea to harrass a 16-year old girl and an unsuspecting town…?

I’m not providing an answer here. I’m just bringing it up because I’m fascinated by the phenomenon of “virality”.

Yesterday, a Spanish society for Applied Philosophy, the Sociedad de Filosofía Aplicada (SOFIA), pointed my book ‘Philosophy, a Discovery in Comics’ out to their 33.000 followers on Facebook by directing them to my Facebook page for the book – and in less than 24 hours, I got more than 500 new “likes”! On my computer screen, I see people all over the Spanish speaking world nudging their friends about the book, sharing pictures from it, giving positive comments – it’s a really exciting phenomenon to witness when it’s so close and positive!

Which is good, because I’m a bit sick right now. While my work is apparently getting noticed all over the globe, I’m tucked away in my bed and in a snot-laden head.

(Most probably a virus.)


Promotion, promotion!

‘Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics’ is out! This calls for a Big Wave of Promotion! And the fun thing is, I can do it from the comfort of my own bed. Which is a very aristocratic thing to do, I recently learned – kings and queens used to conduct all their affairs, including receiving important guests, from their bed. So there – I’m not lazy, I’m royal.

The book has its own Facebook page you can like to keep informed about mentions, reviews and blog updates.

I am on Twitter now, delivering random tweets about all kinds of subjects.

I signed up on, where I have an Author Profile – you can check out my other books, see which books I read and join me in discussion groups. At some point, there will be a GiveAway, where you can win a signed copy of the book!

I’m also working on an Amazon Author Page, where I can monitor the (hopefully) worldwide sales.

And then there’s always my own Facebook page, where you can befriend me and laugh at some of my Dutch status updates (about half of them are in Dutch, the others are in English).

Confused yet? Want to be my fan but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re on the right way by reading this blog, because this is where I’ll post the most important stuff. If you want to be a little more intimate, I’d recommend joining me on Facebook – I do post some doodles & jokes there that don’t end up in the blog. And if you’re already on GoodReads, I’d really like to connect there too, because I’m still exploring it.

And – I almost forgot – the purpose of all this promotion: BUY THE BOOK! You won’t regret it! It’s fun and informative!

What book, you ask…? Well: this book – here’s a link to the information page on my website,