The Inspiration Behind “Fires Above Hyperion”


There have been only a few times when I actually paused as events in my life were unfolding and said to myself, “One day I’m going to have to write about this.”

In 2007 Griffith Park in LA, above Hyperion Blvd, had caught fire.  The sky was an odd painterly red and purple and it served as a ideal backdrop to the end days of a long term relationship.  The surreal atmosphere and constant smell of ash in the air had left me nostalgic.

It was then, as I was going through this rough break up, I found the impetus for this book.  “Fires Above Hyperion” is a darkly humored collection of interwoven short stories about my love life.  All my fuck ups, all the times I’ve been fucked over and all the guys I’ve ever given a fuck about.