History of the Earth in 5 1/2 minutes

Last year I made an animated timeline of the Middle Ages, from my book Science: a Discovery in Comics. Now I’ve gone a bit further and animated the entire History of the Earth!

Click on the picture and it will take you to the YouTube video:


I’m pretty proud of this. I used Sparkol Videoscribe to make it, a program that’s perfect for my kind of bring-your-comics-to-life animation.

The duration is just under five and a half minutes, which is an eternity on the internet – but I calculated that if I had done the timeline of the earth on the same scale as I did the Middle Ages (a thousand years in three and a half minutes), this animation would have been 30 years.


History of the Earth

My Dutch book ‘Wetenschappen in Beeld’ gets a second print run! It has only been in stores for a few weeks, so I’m very happy!

Especially for the english-speaking followers of my blog, I have translated a few pages of the book to showcase here. In time, it will probably be published in English with the title ‘Science: a Discovery in Comics’.

Here’s a page from the chapter about Isaac Newton. It seems he was a rather grumpy man, which made it great fun to make a comic about him.


The book also has a few spreads about subjects such as the Middle Ages, Electricity, Quantum and Genetics. Two of those, Genetics and the History of the Earth, have been made into huge posters which are sent to schools as promotional material:


Here’s the full History of the Earth in English, click twice on the picture to enlarge: