Hitting the shelves of comic stores this week is the latest work from author Sean Michael Wilson,聽the intriguing graphic novel BREAKING THE TEN. What has already been hailed as one of the “Top 16 Graphic Novels of June” by Paul Gravett, BREAKING THE TEN is the story of a man who, after losing everything, devises a plan to break each of the Ten Commandments in an act of revenge against God.


Volume One of Two
Sean Michael Wilson & Michiru Morikawa
When David loses his wife and child in a tragic car accident he decides, in anger at the cruelty of the event, to turn against God. He sets out to systematically break each of the Ten Commandments in order to both spite God and to get his attention! But will he go all the way, and break the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’? Two mysterious figures, Mr White and Mr Black, try to win David over to their side: the religious or the humanistic. Deeply sad in parts and comical in others, this modern story explores age old questions: Is there a God? And if there is, does that God care about us? By the author of The Story of Lee.
6×9, 112pp., B&W trade pb., $12.99, ISBN 9781681120218
ebook $7.99

Be sure to stop by your local comic book store to pick up your own copy this week. And if you haven’t already, check out the other NBM works from Wilson to add to your collection:


Sean Michael Wilson& Chie Kutsuwada
Lee, living in Hong Kong, meets Matt, a fine young Scot. Their relationship becomes stronger by the day, despite their deep cultural differences. But there is Lee鈥檚 Dad to contend with who views this affair very suspiciously. And there is another contender for Lee鈥檚 heart, a Chinese young man, whose jealousy takes on twinges of xenophobia. Will Lee and Matt鈥檚 relationship successfully cross the cultural divide and overcome the negative odds? Two worlds collide creating good sparks… and bad ones.
5 x 71/2, 160pp., B&W, trade pb.: $11.99, ISBN 978-1-56163-594-8


Sean Michael Wilson and Nami Tamura
Finally Lee鈥檚 dream comes true, as she moves from her native Hong Kong to her dream location: the UK. And with her dream handsome guy: Matt. Exciting! But of course, then comes the reality of being in a new country, of actually living together, and that might not be so easy, especially as Matt鈥檚 best friend, Richard, seems more than a little jealous. And once again, wise Uncle Jun turns up to offer his advice. With art by Nami Tamura, a Japanese artist published by Kodansha.
5 x 7 1/2, 160pp., B&W, trade pb.: $11.99, ISBN 9781561639731

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Sneak Peak! “Death of a Doll” From Ernie Col贸n’s INNER SANCTUM!

This December comics legend Ernie Col贸n makes his NBM debut with his adaptation of stories from the classic radio series, Inner Sanctum.

We’re so excited for this upcoming release that we’re proud to present one of the stories from the book in it’s entirety, “Death of a Doll”.

Originally broadcast on October 18, 1948, “Death of a Doll” is one of the most fondly remembered episodes of the thrilling series, and Mr. Col贸n certainly delivers with his adaptation.

So, taking my cue from original host Raymond Johnson, “Good evening, friends of the Inner Sanctum

We’re about to begin our story….”



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