PRIDE lives!

Copies of Pride Of The Decent Man are beginning to arrive in the hands of readers. This is feels like the end of something, but also the beginning of another stage – promotion!

It’s actually been two years (!) since sending off the initial short proposal for the book, and now it’s done, real, and ready to be (hopefully) enjoyed by the public.

I’ll be making my first two appearances in support of PRIDE soon at the Small Press Expo in Maryland and the Brooklyn Book Festival in NYC. Details to come very soon!

I’m also posting a new tour poster image I’ve got with some other dates as well. More are being added soon.

Pride Of The Decent Man is now available through many fine booksellers.

For more info, go here.

Thanks again – and thanks for reading.



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Girl in Dior Debuts in Style: First Run Sold Out

The GIRL IN DIOR arrived in the warehouse! We have had such a great response to this book that we have already sold out of our first print run! We are carefully allocating the stock we have now.

GIRL IN DIOR is already back to press, and we expect more copies will be available this May! The book will be available on Amazon and in stores shortly, but supplies will be limited for now. This one is worth the wait


For previews and more, visit our website! Stay tuned for news about creator Annie Goetzinger’s US tour in support of the book.