NBM For November: Rall Will Rile You Up

PERSIA BLUES was not our first expedition to the Middle East/Central Asia. We have had various graphic novels set there.

Ted Rall has been deeply interested in that region, specifically the relationship between its countries and the United States. One of America’s most widely syndicated journalists, he is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and twice-winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. His new graphic novel, Snowden by Seven Stories Pressdetails the life and controversy of Edward Snowden. Rall will be appearing at next weekend’s Small Press Expo.

Here are two books written by famed journalist Ted Rall, appearing in this month’s November Diamond Previews catalog. These books, and more by Rall, are available now everywhere.

Ted Rall

With Ted Rall’s graphic novel on Snowden a hot item this fall, here is another Rall classic.
Part graphic novel travelog, part tongue-in-cheek travel guide, here are the adventures of caustic cartoonist Rall in the wild and wooly central Asian countries, a powder keg sitting on tomorrow’s oil… Combines articles with comics chapters relating his experiences retracing the old legendary Silk Road starting with the sublime history of China and ending in the absurdity of the petty dictatorships of the “The ‘Stans” where Rall had the temerity -or was it blustery stupidity?- to go back, including once with a group of listeners to his radio show, on a dare. It’s exotic adventure, satire and a fun way to find out more about a part of the world that looms in importance with its immense reserves of oil…

6×9, 304pp., B&W trade pb, $19.99, ISBN 9781561638857

Diamond Order Code: JAN141250


Ted Rall
with an introduction by Bill Maher

With Ted Rall’s graphic novel on Snowden a hot item this fall, here is another Rall classic.
The World’s first “Instant Graphic Novel”! When U.S. bombs started raining on the Taliban, Rall didn’t just watch it on TV–he jumped on a plane straight to the war zone to get the real story for himself. But the only cartoonist to go to Afghanistan got more than he bargained for, way more than his previous gut-wrenching trip deep up the legendary Silk Road. Within days of arriving, armed men were hunting down journalists to murder and rob them. Waving funnies didn’t help. From the gruesome spectacle of a Taliban prisoner blowing himself up with grenades to the hilarious image of mujahideen lining up for shaves and DVD porn a day after joining the Northern Alliance, you can count on Rall for a decidedly different take on this gritty war. TO AFGHANISTAN AND BACK, features as its centerpiece a 50-page graphic novel travelogue of his experience as a cartoonist and war correspondent. It also includes Rall’s articles, cartoons and photos as filed from the front for the Village Voice and syndicated throughout America.

6 x 9, 112 pp. full-color paperback: $12.99

ISBN: 978-1-56163-359-3

Diamond Order Code: JUL032388

6 x 9, 112 pp. full-color hardcover: $15.95

ISBN: 978-1-56163-325-9

Diamond Order Code: STAR15920



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