Appearing at TCAF: Margreet de Heer


This weekend, is TCAF,  The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, a celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators.  The two-day exhibition and vendor fair features hundreds of comics creators from around the world.

NBM Publishing will be on hand with several of our creators, including Margreet de Heer, author of SCIENCE- A Discovery in Comics, PHILOSOPHY- A Discovery in Comics and the upcoming RELIGION – A Discovery in Comics.

SCIENCE- A Discovery in Comics

Margreet de Heer is a graphic novelist from The Netherlands. She has made a variety of comics, from kids’ stuff to philosophical “comic reports” for a range of newspapers and magazines, but has become known for her educational Discovery in Comics series, which started in The Netherlands in 2010 and that has been picked up in the US by NBM Publishing.


Margreet will be attending with NBM Publishing and will be signing throughout the weekend.

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Appearing at TCAF: Julian Voloj


This weekend, is TCAF,  The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, a celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators.  The two-day exhibition and vendor fair features hundreds of comics creators from around the world.

NBM Publishing will be on hand with several of our creators, including Julian Voloj.

A German-born photographer and writer and, Julian Voloj explores aspects of identity and heritage in his work. In 2003 Julian Voloj was awarded with the Second Prize at the Washington Post Annual Photography Contest. Voloj’s photos appeared in various newspapers and magazines such as the New York Post, PresenTense Magazine, and the Brooklynite. In 2007, Voloj was commissioned by the Forward for the book A Living Lens, a book that Jonathan Safran Foer called “not only an amazing book, but an invaluable artifact and a work of art.” His photographs were shown in various venues in the US and Europe.

Now living in New York, Julian is attending TCAF in support of his graphic novel Ghetto Brother. The book was done in collaboration with illustrator Claudia Aherling.

Julian will be doing two special events as listed below:

Ghetto Brother: Reading & Conversation with author Julian Voloj
Thursday May 7th, 2015
7:30pm – 9:30pm
@ COBA Collective Of Black Artists, Daniels Spectrum 585 Dundas St E, Suite 130
Free Event, Register to Guarantee Seating:

Join graphic novelist Julian Voloj as he discusses his engrossing and counter view of one of the most dangerous elements of American urban history. Ghetto Brother tells the true story of Benjy Melendez, a Bronx legend, son of Puerto-Rican immigrants, who founded, at the end of the 1960s, the notorious Ghetto Brothers gang. Melendez also began to reclaim his Jewish roots after learning about his family’s dramatic crypto-Jewish background. From the seemingly bombed-out ravages of his neighborhood, wracked by drugs, poverty, and violence, he managed to extract an incredibly positive energy from this riot ridden era: his multiracial gang promoted peace rather than violence. After initiating a gang truce, the Ghetto Brothers held weekly concerts on the streets or in abandoned buildings, which fostered the emergence of hip-hop.

Presented in partnership with the Miles Nadal JCC, Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, and Be’chol Lashon.

On Saturday, May 9th, Julian will be speaking at the Toronto Reference Library, Learning Centre 1  at 789 Yonge Street from 3:00-4:00.

From Gangs to Hip Hop: The Story of Ghetto Brother
A look into the background of the fascinating non-fiction graphic novel Ghetto Brother, which tells the story of the 1971 gang truce that paved the way to the emergence of hip hop in the South Bronx. This is also the story of Benjy Melendez, a Puerto Rican immigrant and founder of the notorious gang “Ghetto Brothers” who, in environment dominated by drugs, poverty, and violence, promoted peace, not revenge, and after learning about his Crypto-Jewish background, reclaimed his roots. Photojournalist Julian Voloj explains how he unearthed the story and what source material was used to make this stranger-than-fiction tale as authentic as possible.
Introduction by Terry Nantier


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FREE Comics Anthology – available for limited time!

Next weekend is TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and I’ll be there! It looks to be more than exciting, with hundreds of artists and dozens of events. If you can be there – come!

And if you can’t be there, here’s a consolation prize: Sequential commissioned a special TCAF Comics Anthology, and I’m one of the people they asked to contribute to it.


If you have an iPad, you can download it for FREE through the Sequential app, just click here – and you’ll be able to read the full context of this panel:


Not convinced yet? Wait till you hear the names of the other artists in there: Barbara Stok, Hunt Emerson, Noah Van Sciver, Kristyna Baczynski, Simon Moreton, Joe Decie and Elaine M. Will!

The anthology can only be downloaded during TCAF, so get it before it ends on May 11!

Appearing at TCAF: Etienne Davodeau


This weekend, is TCAF,  The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, a celebration of comics and graphic novels and their creators.  The two-day exhibition and vendor fair features hundreds of comics creators from around the world.

NBM Publishing will be on hand with several of our creators, including Étienne Davodeau, who will be appearing as a Featured Guest.

Étienne Davodeau is a multiple award-winning comics author from France.  After having studied graphic arts in Rennes, Davodeau has since created numerous best-selling and critically acclaimed graphic novels, mostly in the reality-based and reportage vein. Titles of his include Les Mauvaises Gens, Le Chien Qui Louches, Geronimo, and Les Ignorants (which was translated into English by NBM in 2013, titled  The Initiates).


Davodeau will be attending with NBM Publishing to support the English debut of Lulu Anew. This translates Davodeau’s best-selling masterpiece, Lulu Femme Nue, which in 2013 was adapted into an award winning film by Sólveig Anspach.


Davodeau will also be participating on three panels.

The first panel will be held on  Thursday, May 7th, 6:30pm-8:30pm (Doors at 6pm) called Comics Across Cultures: Translation and Localisation of European Comics for North America, which is sponsored by The Alliance Française and The French Consulate in Toronto.  It will be held at the Théâtre de l’Alliance Française de Toronto, 24 Spadina Road (Bloor/Spadina – Spadina Subway). French and English will be spoken and the event is free to attend

Comics or graphic novels, manga and BD, call them what you will, but they are beloved by many cultures around the world. As the appreciation and audience for comics in North America grows, more and more works from around the world are being translated, localized, and published in English for the first time. But while the comics themselves are being translated, it can be difficult to truly localize a work, to communicate its intent, and the culture and the context in which the work has been created.

For this special event, four BD authors, Pénélope Bagieu (Exquisite Corpse), Etienne Davodeau (Lulu Anew), and Lorenzo Mattotti (Hansel & Gretel) are interviewed on stage about seeing their work, ideas, and culture, translated into English and across different languages and for different audiences—the surprises, the reactions, and why they choose to be published abroad. Joining them in the discussion will be Bart Beaty, PhD, one of Canada’s foremost authorities on BD, and Stephane Beaujean, author of the French comics Magazine Kaboom!, and Art Director of The Angoulême Comics Festival (FIBD).

The discussion will be hosted in English and in French by Thierry Lasserre, Director of The Alliance Francais in Toronto, and Marang N’Douba, Book and Debates Officer of the Consulate General of France in Toronto.

Following the event in the Theatre, a cocktail reception and signing will take place in the Alliance Française Gallery. Books by all participating authors will be made available for sale courtesy of The Beguiling Books & Art.

The second panel will be on Saturday, 1:30-2:30 at The Pilot on 22 Cumberland Ave. 

Spotlight: Étienne Davodeau, in conversation with Pascal Girard

Étienne Davodeau has a long and venerated career in French comics, but his masterworks are only now beginning to appear in English. His 2014 release The Initiates, an autobiographical tale about a winemaker and comics artist who trade jobs for a year, topped many critics lists. Now in 2015 Davodeau releases the acclaimed Lulu Anew, a bestseller which inspired a feature film in France! Meet Davodeau as he converses with his former collaborator, Québécois cartoonist Pascal Girard (Reunion, Bigfoot) and moderator Thomas-Louis Côté, director of the Festival de la BD francophone à Québec in what is sure to be a wonderful discussion.

Following the panel, Étienne Davodeau will do a signing at the Marriott from 2:30-3:30.

The third panel will take place on Sunday morning, May 10th at 11:15am at the Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel located at 90 Bloor Street East and will be called Truth & Intimacy in Graphic Memoir.

Autobiography and memoir are among the most popular genres of contemporary comics, and with good reason; successful comics memoir renders its subjects explicitly, both textually and visually. In this medium where so little is left to the imagination, real experience may never have been so intimate, so ‘true’. In this feature presentation, moderator Johanna Draper Carlson (Comics Worth Reading) will interview 4 of the most acclaimed practitioners of contemporary comics memoir, to get at the root of what it’s like to put it all on the page. Featuring Dustin Harbin (Diary Comics), Etienne Davodeau (The Initiates), John Porcellino (King Cat), and Raina Telgemeier (Sisters).


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Girl in Dior and Ghetto Brother star at popular MoCCA Fest


Just back from the best MoCCA fest ever for us. Hell, we broke our previous full two day record at this show somewhere towards the end of Saturday and Sunday went gangbusters with never ending lines for special international guest Annie Goetzinger right after the panel on biographies she was on.

I have to admit I was a tad skeptical about the multi floor layout in the new space but because they equally distributed main attraction publishers throughout the floors, I thought traffic was good.

But hey, it doesn’t hurt having such beautiful and inspiring books as Ghetto Brother and Girl in Dior to premiere at any show and fans came steadily to us throughout, selling us out of those as well as many other books.

An energizing experience, thanks to all who came by our booth! You can see pics we posted on Twitter and Facebook.

NEXT: the Toronto Comics Arts Festival in a month where special guest Etienne Davodeau will premiere his highly reviewed Lulu Anew, already with two starred reviews (Library Journal and Publishers Weekly), a record for us, I believe, and where you’ll be able to meet Margreet de Heer (A discovery in Comics: Science and Philosophy) and where Julian Voloj of Ghetto Brother will be at as well.

Projects in the Works

All Star’s out and in the stores, so I’m getting cracking on some new projects.

A little bit of wild west revenge, and a little bit of high speed 60s Formula 1 racing.

20140601_073238 20140601_072920

And belatedly, here’s a podcast featuring an interview with me at TCAF:

And a podcast featuring the Sports in Comics panel I was on at TCAF:

NBM Heads To TCAF! Dillies! Hobbs! Tuazon! Lonergan! Blain!

This weekend, May 10th and 11th The Toronto Public Library and The Beguiling team up once again to present the Toronto Comics Art Festival (TCAF) with several NBM authors in attendance.  We’ll be holding court at Table 172, so come on by!

Renaud Dillies will be a featured guest and will be making TCAF his first ever North American comics event.

Dillies is the creative force behind Betty Blues and Bubbles & Gondola and illustrated Abelard with writer Régis Hautière.


On Saturday, he’ll be appearing at the Toronto Reference Library: Comics Workshop Space leading the workshop,  “Drawing Music.”

On Sunday, he’ll receive his own spotlight panel from 4pm-5pm.

All the way from Paris, France, TCAF is proud to welcome Featured Guest Renaud Dillies. Author of the acclaimed graphic novels Abelard and Bubbles & Gondola, and the Angouleme “Debut Book Prize” winner Betty Blues. In this feature interview, The Comics Reporter’s Tom Spurgeon will interview Dillies on his life, his career, and his inspirations. French/English interpretation by Stephane Beaujean.

Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon

From the creative team behind The Broadcast, NBM is proud to be debuting their new book, Family Ties at TCAF.

Hoping to secure a future for his children, an aging Alaskan crime boss looks to retire and divide his empire amongst his three heirs. But when his idealistic son refuses the inheritance, the old man disowns him. This turns out to be a fatal mistake when he sees his cold-blooded daughters use their new-found power and influence against him. Inspired by the classic play King Lear, Family Ties is The Godfather as a Shakespearean tragedy in this epic tale of betrayal and loss.


Jesse Lonergan
Jesse, the author of Flower & Fade  and Joe & Azat will be appearing to support his new book, the baseball coming of age tale, All Star.

On Saturday from 11am-12pm, Jesse will be appearing on the panel:

Sports Vs. Comic Books: Making Peace Between Schoolyard Enemies.

Jocks Vs. Nerds is an engrained trope, but times have thankfully changed. The North American comics industry is catching up to its European and Japanese compatriots, realizing that blending popular sporting events with comics and graphic novels goes together like peanut butter and chocolate, and the result are great comics that appeal to an entirely new artist. Join authors Box Brown (Andre The Giant), Reinhard Kleist (The Boxer), Wai Au (Fujosports), Jesse Lonergan (All-Star), and moderator Jimmy Aquino (Comics News Insider), for a spirited discussion of this emerging genre of comics!

Christophe Blain, the author Isaac the Pirate, Gus, and Dungeon the Early Years (with Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim) will be hosting one of the Comics Workshops, “Drawing” on Saturday at 2pm.

Signing Schedule – Table 172


  • 9am-10am Jesse Lonergan
  • 10am-12pm  Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon
  • 1pm-2pm Renaud Dillies
  • 2pm-3pm  Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon
  • 3pm-4pm Jesse Lonergan
  • 4pm-5pm Renaud Dillies


  • 11am-12pm Christophe Blain
  • 12pm-1pm Renaud Dillies
  • 1pm-2pm  Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon
  • 2pm-3pm Jesse Lonergan
  • 3pm-4pm Renaud Dillies
  • 4pm-5pm Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon


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The Broadcast’s Noel Tuazon @ TCAF This Weekend

I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know Noel will be attending this weekend’s Toronto Comics Art Festival and will have copies of The Broadcast available along with some of his other work (Tumor, Ribstallments and Bacon Poussein).

Noel doesn’t do a lot of convention appearances. This is a great opportunity to meet the man who played such a vital role in bringing The Broadcast to life.

So stop by, pick up a signed book and grab a piece of art. And, oh . . . don’t forget to congratulate him on the recent Eisner nomination!! It was very well deserved!