Kirkus on Sacco: ‘another great contribution to the country’s wealth of graphic lit.”

Well, we were going to highlight some other books this time but NO! Geary’s  Sacco & Vanzetti hogs everyone’s attention! This time with a great review from the influential Kirkus Reviews, putting it in with “The 13 Can’t Miss Graphic Novels of 2011”. Calling him ‘legendary,’ they quote him about the book and state:

“Chalk one more up for the history books and another great contribution to the country’s wealth of graphic lit.”

Here’s another review:

“He researches diligently, then lays out the facts and theories with maps, diagrams, and deadpan narration, easily sucking in the true-crime buff. ”

Paste magazine  giving it a 7. They also reviewed our collection of Little Nothings 1-3:

“Even nerds like me, who frequently love European comics, approach Continental cartoonists deemed “the next great hope” with some reluctance. Surely, their work will be too New Yorker cartoony, too elliptical, too… French. Lewis Trondheim is nothing of the sort, and his Little Nothings series, newly issued in a three-volume set by NBM/ComicsLit, is the sort of book you might want to keep in your bathroom, to dip into from time to time. Think American Elf with a lot less whining.”

On the Story of Lee, Voya, the leading teen librarian review publication says:

“There is much here to like. Lee is quite sympathetic and her straightforward romance with Matt is sweet and believable. Readers will look forward to the next volume in this gentle series.”

Publishers Weekly on Geary:” The Soul of a Historian”

Reactions to Geary’s latest Sacco & Vanzetti
“Geary’s linear black and white illustrations, full of straight lines and right angles, are especially helpful in lending order to the confusing and often contradictory facts. His use of maps also helps explain the events, both of the killing and the worldwide response. Geary, a cartoonist with the soul of a historian, reaches no easy conclusions, but gives readers the tools to draw their own.”
“Geary, with his coolly detailed and wry visual style, does his usual superb job laying out both the facts of the case and the distinct world in which it all occurs.”
Seattle Post Intelligencer and Blogcritics.

And Rick Geary is interviewed on his new book over at FearNet.

NBM in San Diego: a bunch of premieres!

NBM has a number of show premieres at the San Diego Comicon this year:

  • First is Rick Geary’s The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti, the latest in his Treasury of XXth Century Murder. Besides Geary signing the regular clothbound edition, there will also be an edition limited to only 25 copies and available only directly from NBM of which some copies will be available at this show. Geary is a nominee for an Eisner this year for his last Treasury tome: The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans.

  • Kinky & Cosy, an outrageous collection of gags in a very striking hardcover with google eyes will be unveiled for the very first time, flown in from the printer! We’ve been featuring many strips of this highly subversive duo of 8 year old twins.

  • A little paperback preview of Ernie Colon’s next exciting project, The Inner Sanctum, will be made available for a mere $1 as well as a show exclusive -identified as such- 25 copies signed and numbered by him for $5. The graphic novel, out by December, features adaptations of the old famous horror and mystery NBC radio show.

  • Also, the very first few copies of the all-new 4th volume of Lewis Trondheim’s highly acclaimed Little Nothings will be available for sale. We’ve only a few copies to bring, sure to go fast!

Appearing at the booth besides Geary will be  controversial cartoonist Ted Rall.



Next week, Rick Geary will be attending the San Diego Comic Con is on, where we’re premiering the latest volume of Rick Geary’s Treasury of XXth Century Murder, THE LIVES OF SACCO & VANZETTI, and hopefully watching Rick take home a win for his Eisner Award Nomination in the Best Reality-Based Work category for his last book, Treasury of XXth Century Murder: The Terrible Axe Man of New Orleans.

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of my chat with Rick check it out HERE and HERE

This particular case had two different trials, two appeals, and various demonstrations and protests. Do you think this was the result of anti-Italian prejudice, a government reaction to their politics or both?

The prejudices of the time, against immigrants in general as well as political radicals, played a huge role in the Sacco & Vanzetti saga. The long and drawn-out appeals process in their particular case was the result of the state system trying to appear fair and even-handed, when, in reality, the gears were in motion from the beginning and the outcome was never in any real doubt.

Do you write a book with a point of view or do you try to remain neutral?

Most of the true crime cases I’ve written about, especially the unsolved ones, are famous and controversial enough to have spawned many competing theories and opinions. In some instances I might have ideas of my own, but in my treatment I try to remain neutral and depict every point of view, no matter how crackpot, with equal weight.

Among Sacco and Venzitti’s supporters were Dorothy Parker, Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells. Did this impact their careers or public perceptions?

Most of their supporters already had reputations as leftists or radicals or artistic outsiders, so I don’t think their actions did any lasting harm to their careers.

Governor Michael Dukakis stated that Sacco and Vanzetti had been unfairly tried and convicted and that “any disgrace should be forever removed from their names.” Do you think this was a fitting epilogue to the story?

As you might expect, Dukakis’ declaration failed to satisfy most people. For some, it went too far (Sacco & Vanzetti were, after all, convicted murders), for others, not far enough (they should have been granted a full pardon). It failed to settle anything, and for this reason, it’s as fitting an epilogue as we’re likely to get.

Below check out three penciled pages from the book, courtesy of Rick.



Make sure you stop by our booth (1528 ) in San Diego and say hello.

We also have a special very, very limited edition being made available ONLY THROUGH US online or by mail of this volume with a special bind, a tip in sheet of art specially done by Rick for this and numbered and signed by him.

HURRY! Only 25 copies are being made available. This will not be in stores!

Rick Geary interviewed on CBR + more

Comic Book Resources presents a good background article after interviewing Rick Geary on his forthcoming Sacco & Vanzetti.

The Sky Over the Louvre gets this review on The Comics Journal site by the very hard to please R. Fiore:

“In this year that is good God already half over I don’t think there’s anything in comics that’s impressed me more.”

But then, he couldn’t resist this swipe:

“I don’t know if you pay any more attention than I do to the seemingly random selection of European comics that NBM brings out.”

We’re curious: anyone out there agree with this? (Or disagree?)

We feel like we’ve focused our publishing considerably in the last 5-10 years and while we don’t have a ‘house style’ and proudly never will, we’ve concentrated on literary works, humor and parody of genre, steering away from genres themselves…



The countdown to the San Diego Comic Con is on, and there we’ll be releasing the latest volume of Rick Geary’s Treasury of XXth Century Murder, THE LIVES OF SACCO & VANZETTI. Welcome to Part 2 of our chat with Rick.  If you missed Part 1, check it out HERE.


Do you feel that True Crime has become too exploitive as tabloid journalism has become more prevalent?

Tabloid journalism seems more prevalent today because there are ever more outlets for it, in print, on TV or online.  But the murders of the 19th and early 20th centuries lacked nothing in their exploitation by an scurrilous, scandal-obsessed and sensation-seeking press corps.

Is there any interest to go further into the 20th century and examine True Crime stories such as the Kennedy or Martin Luther King assassination or the OJ Simpson murders?

I would love someday to tackle the JFK killing or the OJ case or the Jon-Benet Ramsey case, but at present they are too recent and still have too much heat surrounding them.  I would need for a few more decades to pass in order to treat a subject with the sort of ironic detachment that I try for.

What drew you to the Sacco and Venzitti story?

I’m always drawn to the cases that still have major questions or controversies clinging to them.  In addition, the Sacco & Vanzetti story was a major Cause Celebre of the early 20th century that is largely forgotten today.   I felt that the story had a political content that I hadn’t treated any any of my previous books.

What kind of research did you do for this story?  Do you go to the actual locations (like South Braintree, Massachusetts), or do you rely on books and the internet?

My research for this story consisted of reading as many books and articles on the case as I could find.  It’s usually helpful to visit the actual scene of the crime, if only to soak in the atmosphere, as I’ve done with several of the murders I’ve written about.  But in this case, the original street and buildings in South Braintree have been long-ago demolished and the area is now unrecognizable.


Come back next Wednesday and read part 3 of our interview with Rick and see some exclusive production artwork!

We also have a special very, very limited edition being made available ONLY THROUGH US online or by mail of this volume with a special bind, a tip in sheet of art specially done by Rick for this and numbered and signed by him.

HURRY! Only 25 copies are being made available. This will not be in stores!



In just a few short weeks at the San Diego Comic Con, we’ll be releasing the latest volume of Rick Geary’s Treasury of XXth Century Murder, THE LIVES OF SACCO & VANZETTI. Over the next three Wednesdays come back and read our interview with Rick as he discusses both his creative process and upcoming book.

Have you always been interested in True Crime stories?

I date my interest in True Crime to the early 70s in Wichita, Kansas, when a friend of mine, a former cop, showed my his large collection of mug shots.  Looking into the literal face of crime was an inspirational thunderbolt!  He also gave me a copy of the complete police file on an unsolved murder in Wichita, which I studied and later used as source material for my first published comic story.

Your first several volumes were all set in the Victorian era and then moved into the 20th century.  What elements are the most essential, in your opinion, for a true crime story to be told in a graphic narrative?

I’m most drawn to unsolved cases and most of my books deal with those for which there’s still a major level of controversy.   The lack of resolution provides a sense of mystery and drives the narrative forward.  For those stories in which we already know the culprit (like the H H Holmes and John Wilkes Booth), the goal is more of a character study: how and why was the crime committed?  I also like those cases that contain a great amount of visual interest.  For this reason I choose to concentrate upon the crime itself and the investigation.  The trial isn’t nearly as interesting, since it’s all talk and most of the relevant information is already known by that time.

You’ve done several adaptations of classic literature.  Do you find doing your True Crime books more challenging because you need to discover and craft the narrative?

That’s correct.  In adapting classic literature, I feel I have the responsibility to be true to the author’s original vision.  With a True Crime case, I deal with several differing points of view, and must sometimes organize a mass of disparate facts and theories into a unified narrative.  For this reason, it’s much more challenging.

What is the general process of idea to graphic novel?

I always have a short list of crimes I’d next like to deal with, and once I decide upon which one, I read all I can about it, and try to find as much picture reference as is available.

I next attempt to shape the mass of material into a narrative that will be clear and accurate.  I always  try to arrange events in chronological order, the better to observe cause and effect, though it’s often necessary to insert a flashback or tangent to provide context.  My next step is to arrange in, a provisional way, a page-by-page outline, which is always subject to change once I start writing the full script

Once the script is completed, I start on the pencils, after which comes the final inking. During every stage, the story can undergo revisions and corrections, depending upon newly received information.

Come back next Wednesday and read part 2 of our interview with Rick!

We also have a special very, very limited edition being made available ONLY THROUGH US online or by mail of this volume with a special bind, a tip in sheet of art specially done by Rick for this and numbered and signed by him.

HURRY! Only 25 copies are being made available. This will not be in stores!

GNR: Sacco & Vanzetti amongst hottest GN’s of the summer

Rick Geary’s soon to come THE LIVES OF SACCO & VANZETTI got another boost making The Graphic Novel Reporter’s list of Hottest Graphic Novels of Summer 2011.

Dungeon Monstres 4 gets its first review:

“This is the first book I’ve read in the long-running Dungeon series created by French masterminds Sfar and Trondheim. Despite being the fourteenth translated volume in the sprawling spoof saga , I felt I hit the ground running.

This is the funniest takedown of heroic fantasy this side of Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier’s Groo. It’s consistently clever, outrageous and absurd in just the right doses, carefully plotted to play with the tropes of the genre while twisting them to their own wickedly sinister purposes.”

FA The Comiczine

The Sky Over the Louvre continues to get praise:

“Authors Carrière and Yslaire masterfully blend sequential art, prose, and design sensibilities to give the reader an intimate look into the ideas and personalities behind this bloody period of history.”

The New York Journal of Books

NBM in June: Geary on Sacco & Vanzetti

Coming in June and now being solicited for in comics shops, a big one from Rick Geary:

A Treasury of Murder:
Rick Geary
Rick Geary tackles the most controversial case of the 20th century. Anarchists Sacco & Vanzetti were accused of robbery and murder but so many supposedly damning pieces of evidence were questionable their guilty verdict elicited massive protests around the world. Geary presents us with all the twists and turns, appeals and dubious evidence after presenting us the human face of the two men, demonized by many, turned to martyrs by many others in his usual unflappable way.
6 x 9, 80pp., B&W, jacketed hardcover: $15.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-605-1

See previews.

As we mentioned before, we also have a special very very limited edition being made available ONLY THROUGH US online or by mail of this volume with a special bind, a tip in sheet of art specially done by Rick for this and numbered and signed by him. HURRY! Orders for this will be closed soon and number produced set to advance demand. This will not be in stores!

Also, your comics store is taking orders for our FOREVER NUTS collection as Distributor Diamond is focusing on classic reprints this month. If you missed anything from our Mutt & Jeff to Happy Hooligan to Bringing Up Father, place your order now.

**New from EUROTICA, Sizzle magazine celebrates its 50th!

Celebrating our 50th issue as the last standing all-comics all-adult magazine and now in full color! The reason for our longevity: we have been consistently presenting the very best in comics erotica which nobody wants to miss! Special for this issue: a pull-out drop-dead gorgeous pin-up poster by Christian (Banana Games) Zanier! Also including our best-selling line-up Gambedotti, Cornnell Clarke, Christian Zanier, Hartmann.
Quarterly, 48pp., full color, $5.95


While we’re at it we’ll tell you about what Papercutz is up to as well for June:

By Alexandre Dumas, writer
Rubén, artist
Adapted by Jean David Morvan and Michel Dufranne
Not a reprint – this is an all-new graphic novel interpretation of the Alexandre Dumas novel, faithfully adapted by David Morvan and Michel Duffranne and expressively illustrated by Rubén. This 192-page graphic novel captures far more of the original novel, keeping subtleties and scenes often omitted from other adaptations. A whole new generation is eager to cry “All for one and one for all!”
6 ½ x 9, 192pp., full-color paperback: $16.99
ISBN 978-1-59707-252-6
6 ½  x 9, 192pp., full-color hardcover: $21.99
ISBN 978-1-59707-253-3

DISNEY FAIRIES #6 “A Present for Tinker Bell”
Paola Mulazzi, Augusto Machetto, Giulia Conti, writers
Emilio Urbano, Elisabetta Melaranci, Andrea Greppi, Gianluca Barone, artists
All the fairies in Pixie Hollow are busy trying to come up with the best present for Tinker Bell. But how do you choose a gift for a fairy who can make anything? The kind of gift that Tinker Bell truly desires may surprise her fairy friends! Plus three more stories starring Tinker Bell and the fairies of Pixie Hollow.
6 ½ x 9, 64pp., full-color paperback: $6.99
ISBN 978-1-59707-256-4
Also in hardcover for $10.99, ISBN 978-1-59707-257-1

Geary’s Sacco & Vanzetti: special very limited edition available in advance only.

Rick Geary’s next volume in his increasingly popular Treasury of Murder series, about the famous controversial case of Sacco & Vanzetti, has a very limited special edition being made available to order now, only in advance and only online and by mail!

Limited and numbered to advance demand, this edition will be specially bound in real cloth and include an original plate signed and numbered by Rick Geary, with a silver-stamped jacket, the book can also be signed to a specific person upon request: $50.

Only a few dozen will be made! Sure to be not only a beautiful version to well, treasure, it will also be a collector’s item in no time. Rick Geary’s exquisite work deserves no less than this trophy presentation, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Go here to order online or you can call 800 886 1223 M-F 9-5.

In a few weeks no further orders will be accepted as we go into production. So if you’re interested, please act now. We are not making this available in stores or Amazon, only directly through us.