Before the green tea incident (see below) I had wanted to apprise everyone of the situation that is going down this Saturday only in CHICAGO, city of golden showers!

My friends at Around Comics (one of the top comic book podcasts out there) are hosting the 2nd annual WINDY CITY COMICON which will be chock-full of creative individuals…and me.

thingsundonecovsmallMy book will be there too and I will sell it to you and sign it and maybe even do a sketch in the thing as well! Why? Because grandmothers know value when they see it…almost more than porn.


Porn Your Grandmother Would Approve Of?


Well if she was a zombie then THINGS UNDONE would be considered soft-core porn with a heart.

Kind of the Hallmark Greeting Card version of the brain-chomping, gut-pulling zombie stories that seem to be pervasive in current popular culture. Not tongue-in-cheek funny where the zombies or characters are winking at the audience, but funny in a way that is very down-to-earth that anyone who has ever had a relationship or life event go absurdly wrong.

At least that’s what I believe grandmother’s can sink their teeth into. Buy two, they’re small.

I have to go…I just spilled freshly brewed green tea all over myself and it hurts like hell. Here I thought green tea was suppose to be good for you? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!


Color Me Kubrick

TU_Test_09I’m watching crows eat lychee nuts in a tree outside my studio window. What’s that have to do with THINGS UNDONE?

Nothing…but at least you can order the book online until…oh I don’t know…next week when it’ll be available in comic shops! You know I almost made the book green. I even went through a few other permutations as well:


I tend to do a lot of experimenting until I get it just right. That’s the luxury to developing work on your own time. I think in the end I’m happy that I went with the orange and black. Let me know if you’re happy too.


Things Undone May Cure What Ails You

This is a page from my new book THINGS UNDONE, that’ll be in comic stores August 26th. It’s funny because I’m kind of going through another “personal renaissance” of sorts and hoping the change is for the better. That’s really what the book is about: accepting change and letting go of our old selves in the gamble for better growth and development.

As artists and comic creators we’re always seeking for change and improvement. I don’t know why anyone would not. Sometimes one has to isolate themselves from everything to get a better perspective. Any self-motivated person will certainly find a way if given the time and space to do what is needed.

It’s projects like this that sometimes inform me of where to go next. Maybe it’ll do the same for you. 🙂


Creator Shane White gets TB

So I thought I’d really jump the shark here and get all bizarroworld on you! My Mom saw this blog for the first time today. It made her laugh. So hopefully this will make her embarrassed.

So this is kind of weird thing for many reasons. You ready TRUE CONFESSION: I used to buy Teen Beat and Tiger Beat magazine…well, my Mom would buy it because I was insane about a band called KISS. If you don’t know who they are…they’re the comic book equivalent of hard rock from the 70s. The album covers (music discs that measured 12″ x 12″) were the bomb! Ken Kelly’s DESTROYER cover was one of the best covers for one of the best albums in their canon of work. Love Gun was pretty snazzy too, but nothing compared to its predesessor.  Anyway, I wall-papered my walls with their images, I redrew the album covers, and I would listen to their music like any crazed middle-school kid can get about something that they can call all their own.

Then they broke up. I think that’s when the innocence was gone and I realized there were men behind the costumes and make-up and they didn’t like hanging out and rocking. So I tore down all the ephemera, gave it away and was left with a blank wall to ponder upon. I think it was about that time I started getting serious about art.

Another reason this is weird is my book THINGS UNDONE a dark comedy about a guy who turns into a zombie because his life is starting to avalanche, comes out 2 days after my birthday on August 26th! Yay me, <snore>zzzzzzzz.

Next…the header is appropriate because what better way to present creator information and inner workings of the mind than through an interview that I did at earlier this year. Generally this is pretty cheesy stuff, but if you can bear it there might be something worth a damn in there. 🙂

Finally it is true. If you order 1000 of THINGS UNDONE for your store, I will make you a Special Love Calendar out of dried animal pelts, glue and tchotkes. I’ll even personalize it for you…whatever that means.


Things Undone special preview at San Diego Comic-con

Shane White will be at our booth #1528 at next week’s San Diego comic-con to sign a beautiful offset printed 2 color preview (actually part of the book’s print run itself) of his forthcoming THINGS UNDONE which ships to stores later in August.

Come meet him, take a look and get a collectible available only at the San Diego show (limited to 300). Here’s his schedule:
Friday: 1-4, 5:30-7
Saturday: 10:30-noon, 2:30-4, 5:30-7

Shane White
Foreword by Robert Kirkman
The author of the acclaimed “North Country” is back with a dark comedy. Despite Rick Watt’s best efforts to keep it together, he feels his life is falling apart, turning him into a zombie. After a cross-country move with girlfriend in tow, his fresh start turns into a festering mess. As a video game artist, Rick is subjected to the incompetence of three bosses and a kinky art director. His overactive imagination helps him cope until… his seven-year relationship tailspins and his ex takes flight with the guy across the parking lot. Other jobs and a new GF don’t look any better. Caught between his fantasy world and reality, Rick decides to pull the trigger.
With a foreword by Robert Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead.
6×9, 80pp., 2 color trade pb.: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-563-4

See previews.

And here’s the complete schedule of our author appearances.

Dead Quiet on the Western Front

This is not THINGS UNDONE. It’s one of the last sketches I did for myself at the Fremont Zombie walk. I’m using a similar inking style in my next book and wanted to see if I could hold back on over-coloring it.

Almost a week away before San Diego Comicon. I haven’t been there in about 3 or 4 years. It just became to expensive and truth be told the purpose of going never really manifested itself; which was trying to find work. With a crush of media and people you’re lucky enough to find the exit to a restaurant that will actually serve dinner without a two-hour wait.

Anyway I’ve got some survival gear I need to get ready for the show.



Last night was the Fremont Zombie Walk here in Seattle. They were attempting to break the world record for the most zombies gathered in one area and according to early later reports I think they achieved this. So like a busker I cobbled together this idea at the last minute thinking that this might be a great opportunity to A) Promote my website and book, THINGS UNDONE B) Draw from life (or from death whichever you prefer) and get paid a little C) Draw zombies so that if I messed up, nobody would know and D) Get out into the public and mix it up a little. I mean, I figured why not try it at least once?

So how did it go?

I worked my ass off!
It was a non-stop flow of people from 6:30-7 until 9:30. I never looked beyond the clients I was drawing and so I really couldn’t tell what the heck was going on. It was a blur. I so wanted to chill afterwords but was too damn tired so I left the masses to feed on themselves.

Ryan Reiter and the people that volunteered were real pros. They were organized, friendly and really had their act together. To be honest though I stood out like a sore thumb. I think I was the only person there who wasn’t covered in blood or viscera.

Anyways, thanks to those who stopped by.


The Shape of Things Undone

Silhouettes help define character.
Silhouettes help define character.

It helped to establish the character shapes in THINGS UNDONE so that their personalities could be clearer to read in their body language. In some cases it worked out clearly in others like the two toward the end they’re very similar. It more or less worked to my advantage as the last three characters in this line-up moved as one and kind of book-ended the squatty fellow.

If you’re in San Diego for the Comicon, I’ll be there on Friday & possibly Saturday. I’ll have to look at my schedule, but stop on by we should have advanced copies of the book there.