Also Available from NBM in August: Atangan’s classics INVINCIBLE DAYS and THE TREE OF LOVE

Patrick Atangan’s newest graphic novel FIRES ABOVE HYPERION is out this August. NBM has published his entire body of work and you can see from the titles alone how varied and diverse he is as a chameleon creator of fine graphic novels.

His “Songs of Our Ancestors” series had a lot of buzz and critical acclaim for being his first graphic novels. Each taking a style from traditional Asiatic art and retelling classic folktales, the first two installments have sold out in print form!  They are available as ebooks from our website.  Volume 3: THE TREE OF LOVE is still available. Read what Publishers Weekly called “a spell of enchantment” and Comics Buyers Guide also called “enchanting” and “gorgeous”.

Songs of Our Ancestors,

In the next volume of Patrick (Yellow Jar) Atangan’s Asian folktale collection, Tree of Love celebrates India’s tradition of elevating romance to a work of art. Atangan adapts Rajput polyptych paintings of northern India and transforms them into a unique and poetic comic experience. Tree of Love follows a prince’s courtship of a flower peddler. The young prince is surprised by the difficulty in proving the worthiness of what everyone sees as a common woman. But she has a secret, a special gift bound in the beauty and power of nature.
Each page faithfully ornaments Tree of Love’s painfully universal story about the intricacies of love.
81/2x 61/2″, 48pp., full color hardcover: $12.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-438-5

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This past fall, Atangan made a departure from folklore and told his own tales about growing up, especially in a traditional Filipino household that had just moved to LA. A Publishers Weekly Critics’ Poll Best of 2014 honoree, INVINCIBLE DAYS is melancholy, innocent, truthful and drawn in a very cute kawaii style.

Dog Butts and Love

Patrick Atangan 

This collection of short stories forms a singular narrative that reveals the tiny moments when you realize you are at the precious end-days of youth.  Atangan creates an intricate mosaic from his own childhood memories as well as those gathered from friends and family. Bittersweet, joyful and reflective, these are the type of marking moments that best define us as adults. By the author of the Yellow Jar and Silk Tapestry.
9×6, 128pp., color hc, $19.99 ISBN 9781561639014

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